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Our client’s interest is ever more our interest because we are part of the team.

We are called upon to deal with all aspects of business and corporate law, real estate, banking, typical of the retail sector and we also work for the positive outcome of any project that envisions us as involved.

We are also called for solving problems and disputes, but the ideal is to use all the preventative measures that the law has to offer.

The legal assistance we provide is thus delineated in a variety of ways, from pure consulting to drafting and negotiating contracts, due diligence, banking relationships, analysis of legal issues regarding possible disputes, management and resolution. Assistance is provided in Italian or English, as needed.

per quanto riguarda le attività: i) forniamo assistenza legale ad una ventina di centri commerciali ii) forniamo assistenza legale in operazioni di ristrutturazione refurbishment di immobili e centri commerciali iii) lavoriamo anche sul fronte dei finanziamenti, lato borrower/ parte finanziata in accordi con le Banche finanziatrici.


Drafting of letters of intent, lease agreements, business unit leases, company sale and sale contracts as well as all related contracts. We handle all kinds of administrative law issues related to trade regulations.


Extraordinary national and transnational operations: mergers, demergers, company acquisitions, company sales.

Legal due diligence, negotiation and drafting of sector contracts.


Assistance on legal and regulatory aspects of banking and financial activities.

Preparation of documentation in financing operations.

Sector contracts.


Purchase, management and sale of real estate portfolios, with a particular focus in the commercial sector.

Negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, renting, leasing, company rent, financing contracts.

Giordanetti Studio Legale has a best fri


Giordanetti Studio Legale has a best friendship with Milazzo & Partners Studio Legale in Milan. This strategic alliance aims to integrate and further develop their respective skills in the various business areas, with a particular focus on the Real Estate sector.

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